Friday, 4 April 2008

medicine and world around it!

Medicine and its prospective from different angles of viewing.

Public hospital is probably the only place in the world where we can find quite a number of people lying down on the bed, displaying an apparent distress and frequently surrounded by messy wires and tubes inserted here and there. The noise coming from the nurses who are pushing the trolley filled with meals and medicines would just add the uncomfortability setting of the public hospital. Not to mention the loud voice of few "workers" and the the crowd of medical students walking side to side looking for any good cases. Somehow, i would think , who is going to be blamed for? This might be the real causation why our diseases spread from acute to chronic, from benign to malignant. To cure is to treat the underlying causes first. This sound very hard because government hospital is the best ever place ranked after the shopping mall during mega sales. Hope there will be some who agree with me. In fact, not all patients feel comfort with this situation, rather they are forced to be there due to the huge gap between figure which they can spend in public and private hospitals. Your pocket does matter man!! Our health system nowadays provides a good market, high income and promising future but mind you...all these are only applied in private sectors where you won't have chances to treat poor people...

Time moves very fast, if nobody cares to change the system, the outcome would be even worse than now. Something need to be done!!

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