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Thalassaemia ..the dilemma

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Thalassaemia, something which is not too new for us. Though it was not covered in details during my 1st and 2nd year, at least nothing to worry much because there is another chance for it....a MUST understand topic in your 4th year, including its management aspect from as tiny as doses for iron chelation.

It is not the genetic issue that concerns me most (it is to be worried in fact....) but it is about the ethical aspect behind the prevention technique which will be discussed further ...

Just a little bit freshy and juicy notes on thalassemia...
It stems out from the topic of anaemia, though can be from other branches too, but this is much easier i suppose.

Everyone knows anaemia is due to three major headings : failure to make red cells, increased loss and destruction of red cells.Haemolysis is part of destruction of red cells where it is further divided into immune and non-immune.Then another branches from non - immune which are congenital and acquired.Under congenital part, here goes haemoglobinopathies where thalassamia resides under this heading together with sickle cell.

Thalassaemia is defined as mutation of DNA coded for alpha and beta genes. So if beta thalassemia, there will be absence or reduced production of that (beta) gene....

See the outcomes: from "their" eyes....

Refer for further details in your notes and sites ok....

Something new which i read from my lec's notes is on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ( PGD) that is the climax actually...all those folks' theories may be well reside in your mind already ...Let us know something new!

PGD: it is one of the methods in antenatal diagnosis of any disease ( about 500 diseases) So what is so eager-to- tell about this?

an-in vitro fertilisation when the embryo is about 5 days of age.
"an alternative within prenatal diagnosis services which avoids terminating affected on-going pregnancies"

Mr wiki has some answers:

How Islam views this technique and to what extent does Islam allows this? When considering to balance out the evils, we opt for the less evil one...Allah did plan something for it becomes a cause of TEST which will determine our level of Taqwa,and if we change things which is somehow the real thing that Allah wanted it to be, would it be some curiosity behind it? Advancement in medicine and technology lead people to go astray? or this is what Allah wants as He mentioned that whatever given in Quran are for those who have the ability to think and create more. Al- Quran is a guided tool for HIS servant to live the life .

The Fiqh of Medicine: Responses in Islamic Jurisprudence to developments in Medical Sciences; the prevention and termination of pregnacy; page 217;

"if the condition of the foetus is so diseased as to cause unnecessary suffering to the foetus later when it is delivered and during its life, would that be an indication to terminate the pregnancy? . Islamic fiqh dealt with termination of pregnancy before 40 days and up to 120 day. What about the welfare or even the mere survival of other members of the family which was considered and accomodated by Muslim fuqaha of the past balanced against the 'rights' of a foetus to be born severely handicapped and defective? The High Council for Islamic Legal Opinions in Kuwait issued a declaration on 29 Sept 1984 which allows abortion to take place if continuation of the pregnancy would cause harm to the woman or if it is certain that the foetus will be born with severe deformation, or physical or mental deficiency, neither of which will be cured"

It is such a long topic to be discussed and think of. Anyhow let us proceed to answering a medical aspect of it and not leaving the "religio-etihical" issues behind. It is very important if we know something and decide whether or not it is in line with Islamic fiqh. That is why a medical proffesional must know Fiqh in depth and not just sitting on the fence or rather more seriously let the ignorance overrides the rights to know ......

"It is your responsibility and you have to be responsible for all your responses"

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