Saturday, 16 August 2008

Functioning brain

Well, meet again after long time being "palsy".
Yesterday i had a lecture on lower GI Ix and Mx....pretty interesting wt lots of foods to be digested.
"It needs not so much sophisticated things to diagnose one particular disease. The most important component is brain," rephrasing what my prof said. But he's in doubt. People are gifted with brain,but do their brain function well? Im thinking as well. Of course, look around us now. People feed a lot but very few feed their brain.
But, glucose from food somehow will be delivered to the brain what? That is why we are still alive. If not, the brainstem examination will be negative.
Live life fully. That is what they said and not excluding myself. I am wondering am i utilising my brain fully. Admitting brain's cells get degenerated day by day. But the scientist in the past discovered something once they approaching 7th to 8th decade or some may be more than that. Nobody invented something at the age of 7. ( standard one when i was still surrounded with dolls and toys) But mind myself how our great Imam Shafie could memorise the whole Quran at the age of 7. See how aims and goal in life differentiate us.

Back to the main topic, OUR neurons are more innervated once we think a lot. That is what i meant by functioning brain. I was lucky to have chance to take part in Advances Neurology Conference on the last August 5th where most of successful Neurologists met. Very few students like me were there and somehow felt like a small ant in the middle of GiaNt's meeting. Well they are human too. I still remember, one nurse told us that one day, it is our generation who will be sitting in the front. Smarter one would opt for neurology. Am i true? Again back and forth, not the smarter one but the genius one. My definition of brilliant somehow differ from others. I believe one with hard efforts earns more. Be my guest my friend.

Off the limit.

-Where priviledge awaited-

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