Wednesday, 20 August 2008


20 /08/2008
SOmehow the date is entralling....

Well today marked the world with another series of "beautiful" date i could say..exciting though.
But looking from another angle, it makes me to ponder about how long our lives have was a "futuristic" kind of thinking before when people thought of the date that ever come across our line of lives and yet now here you are.....Not many will think of how "old" our world is and not many able to express the excitement in the form of thankfulness and gratitude to the Almighty.

The destiny destined us to be who we are today, where we are today and always that recorded RecOrds lead everything ahead from us. The life is well planned and the best for us is what remain a mystery, for us to digging the hole until we find the end of it and for us to sweat in tears until we reach our limit.

No matter how bad life is from our current spectacles, the outcome is always zero until to the point where we gear up our lives...No giving up and life goes on and also what small kid used to say" there's always light at the end of the tunnel"...but now almost all tunnels have lights inside it making the hole beautiful and gives us sense of enjoyment being in the tunnel and somehow do not want to get to its end...But oldfolks maybe never been to the to the lighting tunnels and our generations never been to their tunnel. The different era shapes our minds and what influence us the most is what we coordinate with our senses.....

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