Saturday, 16 August 2008

When heart crushes

My best buddy with the hidden signs of chronic liver disease. TReatment needed physically for her and internally for me..................Allah knows best.........

Why bother so much when physically seen something is damaged or broken? Why do not mind when our hearts get more black spots as a result of too much diverted from HIS ways?
Anyhow, why i come out with this. Simply when the "worldly thing" that i love most is no more beautiful. My "beloved bestfriend" who gives services eversince got sign of chronic liver disease. Bruising and scratch marks. Very pity. We are blessed with the neemah of vision and other senses but in one point of life there is limitation in configuring things using our sight, taste , touch and list goes on. Admit myself, people do make mistake and give yourself a chance to make mistake. Luckily nothing severe happen and alhamdulillah Allah wanted me to change. The past is gone and the future is coming.
No donation, less zikir, less time for nawafil and what not all contributing to that. Today i am alive for me to reform.

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