Friday, 3 April 2009


Bismillah and alhamdulillah...

Perceive life as it is ...

For one week, I have been struggling to understand all the terminologies in psychiatry; they do make sense when we tried to relate things together, joined them all circurmstantially and tangentially. Being one of the selected people ( read in the world) to study psychiatry makes me realize how important happiness is. I think psychiatry is part of myself and part of everyone , and indulging in it pleased me a lot. The pursuit of happiness is something that concerns us all, no matter where we live or what our station in life is. People have their own way to explore the path to finding happiness and please don't misunderstand them. The stigma and labelling are the culprits that destroy their lives further, what will you feel when people labelled you as M** when you think you are not? I kept on correcting to one of my friends ( the patient) that M** is not a medical term, and we don't address such thing, rather we regard those with disease as something out of norm. If they are in the state of denial can we conclude it as poor insight? You judge it !

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Is that normal to have a swing mood? Have you ever feel depressed with what you have and who you are now? Believe me, everyone has the period of depression at one point of life, be it minor, major, hypo or hyper one. Only a positive minded person plus the supportive environment knows how to cope with the stressful situation. Mind you guys, more people will suffer mental health problem in the year 2020 and it will be among the leading problems together with all sorts of cardiovascular diseases. May Allah bless us all with health and happiness....

How to cope with stress and depression?

The answer is equip ourselves with faith, hope, patience, acceptance....and never underestimate the power of a smile ( credit to my friend! )

We don't want to institutionalise people with mental disorder rather we want them to go back to the community and make them "a function" human being. No deprivation of rights and all.

There is one sister ( patient) will be discharged and she appears very happy. Can't wait to go out of the "world" into another "world".

"'I want to pray, i want to become a good daughter and i want to become independent.
Previously i was not a good daughter, and now the hidayah comes and i want to become a good person. Please write me the solat time so that i can pray when the times come, " explained one sister when i asked about her first to - do thing after leaving the ward.
"Then you must wear scarf (tudung) and you will be a good muslim too.. Yes i am interested in wearing scarf and i like to eat, so i want to work in a restaurant, i can eat and can earn money as well" .

I'm revealing this simply to open our eyes that the idea of keeping them and educating them do help them in life provided they comply with the medications. I really hope we have the INSIGHT to see the INSIDE of their hearts. Put ours into their shoes, understanding them and inshaAllah we will gain more strength too....
Now i know why Islam teaches us to visit the sick one, to send one to the graveyard, to help the needy..list goes on....

mashaAllah Islam is very beautiful but sadly very few practise Islam as ADDIN, take some, leave some and patch the hole......

May Allah swt helps us in our way towards HIM and all the best for all..


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  1. no point to be sad , time wasted, energy wasted and tears wasted