Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Grateful for what we have!

The month of October almost comes to its end....so does Syawal 1429 h...
waving goodbye to Ramadhan is a bit hard for most of us..
then came Syawal and sooner it will leave us too..
it is how life is designed to be..Follow the sunnatuLLAh...
( Ummi -2310, and faisal 2010,were born in dis month)

It's my final week of doing diagnostic posting !!! lots of things to know, to learn , to acquire..... YET relaxing...
Perhaps, two weeks would not be enough for me to know the inside out of how a radiologist work. Happy faces always being seen but not everyone knows every single thing in a life of a radiologist.

I found this field enjoyable, more time for friends, family and more life. The simplest word that people can say is RELAX..................
Diagnostic imaging has become part of medicine eversince, in short it plays a role in determining the outcome of a patient. A radiologist must be very smart though as physician and surgeon will depend on them after thorough clinical examination.............agreed???

Doctor and patient relationship
I'll be missing this if i were to join 'em. Somehow we will have less contact with patient, losing the sadness, excitement, bitterness etc .................
This morning i went to the orthopaedic's ward, chit chatting with one uncle who've had road traffic accident recently. "Dah lama tak jumpa patient, " whispering to myself.... He looked very cool, seems like welcoming me ( though there's an external fixator on his left arm)...
Spending about 40minutes with him , sharing the experience, knowledge and also a bit on life, i could feel that the happiness lies on those who appreciate themselves. Those who feel grateful for what they have and highly assured that one day they'll see the brightness come and shower their lives.

"People become successful with efforts and prayer, " i told him.
Nobody born on day 1 and then day 2 ,can walk...day 3 can run ,,,day 4 can climb stairs...list goes on....there must be sort of rules that GOd has destined for everyone. friends, i am grateful for Allah made me to visit him this morning. Lifting me up that there is no way for us to quit or to turn back if we have gone this far. Successful and happiness are defined by us....
Grind the element of patience, sacrification and perseverance for you to make a perfect MEAL......

an american psychologist said:
Living a happy life is a fine art wihich entails ten things..
1. Do a work that you love( agreed by me )If cannot do that , the find a hobby that you love and do it in your spare time and reinforce it.

2.take care of your health for it is the spirit of happiness ( yah, good diet and aerobic)

3.Have a goal in life ( yes i do have) for this will give you motivation and energy.

4.Take life as it comes and accept the bitter and the sweet ( yes not all bitter, man)

5. Live in the present, with no regret for the past a d no anxiety about tomorrow that has not yet come ( but must know the risk ....)

6. Think hard about any decision or action, and do not blame anyone else for your decision or its consequences ( you and always you)

7. Look at those who are worse off than you( can aa???)

8. Have the habit of smiling and being cheerful and keep company with optimistic people ( yes, perhaps i am )

Strive to make others happy so that you may benefit from the atmosphere of happiness.
( make my ummi and ayah happy)

Make the most occasions of happiness and joy, an dregard them as necessary to renew your own happiness...

Lastly, have Alisa, Haiqal, Ilmam and Batrisyia ( my nephews and nieces ). LIFE will be more cheerful then...

Fara Alisa and Azril Haiqal


Haziq Ilmam

-doink doink-

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