Monday, 19 January 2009

the law of understanding

Alhamdulillah...things over but another series of similar events are inviting me.
I'm getting to know the "LAW" better after few weeks indulging in it, understanding the origin, application and its significance. Though only 0.0000001% or may be less learnt during those period, i simply can draw my own conclusion which only me knows that. "A little bit sad for being ignorant and not realising the truth that lies behind a lie"...Legal medicine is interesting, not only because of its sui generic thingy but also because YOU MUST know that. A blend of ethics and principles which may not make it taste like a real juice...Anyway, just want to share something gotten from one site which i think useful and very practical.. It is a real law , most important not a man made one!!!

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hopefully one day, dreams come true!

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