Friday, 19 June 2009

It's about educating 'em!

Bismillah and alhamdulillah...

Pangkor Island

Public health , the climax yet to feel..God willing this sunday we'll be heading to Manjung ( Pangkor Island is there guys!) With bucketsful of hope, something must be waiting for me there. Enjoyment and hopefully a relief....

Public health is about educating the public, promoting health and disease prevention. I like the way he ( Health Officer) explained to us. Imagine a stream of river and so many people live along the banks of the river, then happen to be one person drowned after falling / jumping into the river......It's an analogy ! Those at the very end, who saved the drowned person would be some with curative in nature. But the one who works within the victim's community , to dig the issue of drowning in the first place would be the public health people. That is where we seek the reason behind it and help to prevent such thing from occuring again. That is the nature of public health team. Isn't it? I would say public health plays more role than those in hospital. No offense please. Preventive is better than cure. So does prevention outweigh others? Talking about Manjung in particular. A touristy Bandar Pelancongan dan Maritim. Sound nice and great for a "bookaholic' i suppose.

Read here for more details.

Guess we'll talk more after the trip ( or holiday?)
PUblic health as future field. Any takers?


  1. Enjoy urself ;) masa utk 'honeymoon' hehe

  2. i would say it is a "thornymoon". No la, honeymoon...