Sunday, 16 August 2009


Bismillah and Alhamdulillah....
A special attribute to my nephew, becoming 3 years old cutie handsome boy this month...Wishing you a good and "soleh" life ahead...

....Azril Haiqal....

After a few weeks spent in Obstetric and Gynaecology department, i feel really attached to this specialty, because you are studying about the norm of being "woman", the challenges and the "special" things awaiting for 'em. Having chance to observe a normal and abnormal delivery, ( yet to deliver one)gave me a strong feeling of being :hamba: . Yes GOD servant! Labour is not a simple process, though it sounds simple. The pain is unbearable and i'm amazed how a mother can bear the pain for the sake of her child. People said, the pain won't last longer, the moment u heard the "cry", it's gone! Amazing right? But said enough, when they have grown up, they hardly sacrifice for their mother. Why can't we follow what our mom said knowing that we are part of them? That's not a simple math i suppose.

A child born through a normal delivery should not feel "down' in life

A journey that we have travelled thus far, taught us about perseverance, erasing the meaning of giving up from our lives , and illuminate our ways towards the future's. Am i right? We were once A GREAT WARRIOR for being the winner amongst so many competitors. We have won in a game towards becoming HUMAN. We were chosen amongst the thousands or in fact the billions.... to becoming one today. After two decades seeing the "external world" , shall we make a comparison? ALLAH knows better why we can't recall whatever happened during our 40 weeks in the mom's womb. It is either the life inside there was so horrible and if happen to store one in our memory, it might leave us a haunted life. Or else the life there was very pleasant and will make us not to leave the mom's womb............But we have to leave, to give way for our sisters and brothers to go through the same journey like how we did. Isn't it interesting??????

-priceless of being a mother-

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