Friday, 12 March 2010

Minute that counts

Bismillah wal Hamdulillah..

Everyday is the exam day

::Sigh:: one down, yet more to come. 10 minutes of Orthopaedic OSCE!

::Just finished my orthopaedic OSCE::

"I find it is hard to diagnose something in just 5 minutes , in addition to the adrenaline rush, " one might say. However like it or not, that is what we need to admit. Being examined and observed by someone who is "somebody" may accentuate that gush , plus accelerate the heart beat further. Sometimes it ended up by putting ourselves down and small, like a mickey perhaps. Act like a professional spy and think like a brainy one. That is the advice. You cannot be sure of how smart you are when you become the center attention. But the easiest way is, "Grab it while you are given one! "

There are no scripts for us

I like the statement above. Who has got the scripts for tomorrow? A script of life.
Nobody knows about how tomorrow will look like. It is a matter of plan and hope. Hope, hope, hope and anticipation. Who knows the price of "tawakkal"??? Priceless indeed! And who is going to pay for it? I don't know.

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